Cnn - Design for CNN Mobile mini-site

  Nbc - Mini-site for NBC show, Studio 60

  Maserati - Design concept and website for Maserati USA

  Discovery channel - Discovery Channel content feature, photo illustration

  Avant garde - Website for club promotion company

  Azaya villas - Flash-based website for luxury homes in China

  Burger king - CD Rom for Burger King Promotion

  Buy yellow - Website for Yellow Pages Company, including copy for intra-site ads.

  California pottery - Web application for user-customized tile designs. Includes pdf generation, customized order sheets, and database management.

  Daniel glass - Website and DVD packaging

  Flash lite - Trade show presentation for Discus Dental, created in After Effects.

  Fluoridex - Website for a line of Discus Dental toothpaste

  Gazz - Website for an LA-Based band

  George c marshall foundation - CD-Rom for the George C. Marshall Foundation

  Jaguar - CD-Rom and website for Jaguar

  Jose cuervo - Website and various interface concepts for Jose Cuervo Intl

  Lisa marie presley - Online mp3 player for Lisa Marie Presley

  Logistix - Interface concept and execution for Logistix, an EMAK company

  Merck medco - CD-Rom concept and interface design

  Metropol - Site intro, website, and copy for a men's skincare line

  Microsoft - Web-based configuration tool and event system front-end

  Nexium - Site intro for

  One red cube -

  Playboy - Design concepts and design template for

  Powerball lottery - Mini-site for PA Powerball Lottery

  Randee st. nicholas - Website for Los Angeles photographer

  Rockport - Online fitness tool for Flash programming.

  Unilever - Website for Snuggle Fabric Softener, a Unilever brand, including programming of Flash game.